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Crowd Management

We introduced a unique concept of using technologies like never before for crowd management. It will be a matter of honor to conduct national games for any country and managing the crowd at such big events is even a bigger challenge and requires proper crowd management.

KS Infosystems understood the challenge in Ghana, Africa and introduced KS Control software which is designed especially for managing crowd at major events using ticketing software known as I-Ticketing. This is a tool for the ticketing business that supports:

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  • Local and Internet sales
  • Logistics and Management
  • Entrance Control
  • Customization and Ticket Design

We covered the following activities
under this project:

  • Survey of Area
  • Analysis of Data
  • Networking of Gates
  • Printing of Tickets
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Controlling and Managing The Crowd
  • Security Checks on the Ticket

The system has some huge advantages:

  • Ensures security
  • Only people who own genuine tickets are allowed to enter the premises
  • Allows limited access to restricted areas
  • It allows elimination of forged tickets
  • Eradicates duplicacy of tickets
  • Easy generation of reports such as inflow of spectators, etc.
  • Allows easy location of seats with detailed printing on the tickets

This project was executed successfully for 28th MTN African Cup of Nations in Ghana 2008. With the help of our technology solutions like RFTD Chips, Holograms and Color Coding, the control of the entire stadium gates and printing of entry ticket was managed efficaciously.

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