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KS Automated Customs Systems (ACS)
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Senegal's effort to implement a paperless automated system of customs procedures requires technology to secure and improve government revenues, by automating and mobilizing official processes in general and trade procedures.

The objective of the solution is not just to have a computerized system to collect statistics, but a comprehensive automated customs system with seamless performance, universal availability of information and stability of the system.

KS Automated Customs Systems has developed an exclusive solution that will help Douanes, Senegal to work with 100% accuracy.

The solution provides a user friendly interface to allow carriers/shipping agents, clearing agents, banks, inspections services, insurance agencies, government bodies and other stakeholders to lodge their data online.


Solutions provided include modules:

  • Admin
  • Quittance
  • Passavant
  • Passavant Extension
  • Escort (order Mission)
  • Depot
  • Penalties


A pilot project at Rosso Border in Senegal was introduced where software and some hardware solutions at DOUANES in March , 2014 were integrated which are used daily for custom duty monitoring at Rosso Border and are being replicated at 7 other borders at Senegal.



  • Streamline and harmonize customs procedures.
  • Introduce new technologies in the Government administration for standardization (WCO, WTO, UN/CEFACT).
  • Connecting all the stakeholders through a single platform.
  • Detection of frauds and under-declaration.
  • Ubiquitous availability of information.
  • Enabling a paperless process.
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