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Municipal Revenue Collection

Government's Scientific and Systematic Source of Revenue Generation


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Today in Africa, there is no known technology for collection of taxes and till today outdated manual methods are used to collect the revenues. Due to this the total revenue doesn't reach to the concerned departments resulting into less development and even lesser growth.

We provide adequate IT solutions to develop an appropriate revenue collection system which is a pivotal factor to take any economy forward. We believe that it is a pre-requisite for various sectors like the Government and Revenue Department, Financial Institutions, Medical and Healthcare Facilities, Retail and FMCG Sector, Inventory Management, Transportation, Tourism and Telecommunication.

We have developed unique software, KS Connect which has been providing impeccable solution in revenue mobilization since 2007. It is being successfully implemented in various cities of Ghana including, Kumasi, Obuasi, Kasoa, Etc. Ensuing implementation since 2014 along with PRCG at DR Congo with assistance from World Bank .

We envision providing technical assistance to establish such systems for developing a progressive economy.

For implementation we take following actions:

  • The collector carries a Handheld Terminal (HHT) and enters the data
  • Visits on a specific time interval to the shops
  • Collects the tax from the sites (shops, airport taxes, parking taxes etc.)
  • HHT confirms by giving a receipt through an inbuilt printer
  • Receipt is given only by the MSR identity card swipe
  • The collector comes to the data centre on specific intervals
  • Plugs the HHT into the cable
  • Deposits the cash collected from the shop with a receipt
  • The data is transmitted to central location through WEB/Internet
  • Provision to collect various types of taxes
  • Boosts economy and leads to infrastructural development
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