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Waste Management
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Waste Management Solution (WMS) is a unique amalgamation of innovative technology and scientific approach towards a cleaner environment by building a complete infrastructure for waste management.

We have developed a state-of-the-art solution called NAWABIN (National Waste Bin ) for effective waste management which includes both collection as well as scientifically managed disposal which is successfully under implementation at Ghana, Africa.

Inconsistent human consumption patterns and the changing structure of economic activity generates various types of waste that must be appropriately managed to ensure ecological balance and a decent standard of living for all the urban as well as the rural population.

WMS includes registration of household to picking up of waste, revenue collection to compost plant, segregation and recycling. We provide equipment and technology as well as the knowledge transfer. Equipment includes bins, tags, trucks, compactors, tricycle, pelletizers, compost makers, segregators, etc. Indocorp which is the sister concern of KS. Infosystems specializes in providing equipment, human capital resource and technology for our waste management solution.

We provide comprehensive technology solutions and application with hardware and other IT requirements to facilitate:

  • Mapping of streets, validating of customers and household.
  • Distribution of Bins to households & Locality.
  • Assigning of agents/ areas.
  • Undertake training for the local staff and agents.
  • Maintaining of bin and revenue by RFID chip installed in the bins.
  • GPS enabled trucks to tack the movement and location.

We strive to provide effective and innovative solutions to be a part of your waste management program to keep your country clean and grow exponentially.

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